All About our Data Centres in Europe and the UK 

In contemporary culture and digital economy, data centres are critical. A data centre houses everything that happens online. Many digital applications are housed in data centres, which are the core of modern Internet. Videos and other files are saved, critical software is operated, and data is transmitted between numerous networks that constitute a data distribution centre in these buildings packed of servers and other digital equipment. The data centres of across the UK and Europe support a wide range of government, corporate, and societal operations.

The UK and Luxembourg are home to our network, datacentre, and servers. Our Tier 4+ (highest tier) data centres in Newark Digital Space and Luxembourg EDH enable us to provide website owners in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the globe with lightning fast speeds.

Today we’ll shed some light on the management, security and architecture of the data centres we house our servers at the European Data Hub and Timico (Run by Digital Space)

Our Data Centre Locations

As mentioned earlier, we have two key players for our server locations. We’ll first look at EDH – the European Data Hub in Luxembourg, then Digital Space.

About EDH in Luxembourg

The European Data Hub maintains a best-in-class totally subterranean data centre in Luxembourg, adjacent to the major economic districts of Luxembourg City, Kirchberg, and Cloche d’Or. It is run in strict accordance with highly valued, independently confirmed standards, including the respected Uptime Institute’s ‘Tier 4 for Design’ Certification. EDH has a unique business plan that involves several partners. Each of whom is well-known on a global scale in their respective fields.

EDH exceptional partnership with CB Richard Ellis

When it comes to Data Centre management services, CBRE offers the greatest and most complete capabilities of any organisation. The organisation works with investors, property owners, and tenants all across the world.

CBRE provides property management with strategic guidance and implementation. A robust data centre plan is critical to the long-term success of your business.

It takes forethought and strategic vision to guarantee that your firm is not devastated by technological failures.

CBRE is the only worldwide data centre real estate firm that can handle strategy, acquisition, disposal, and project management all in one place.

Managed raised floor space 

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About Timico in the UK

UK-based data centre that exceeds Tier 3 standards. It offers the ideal environment for hosting your data, applications, and servers. Digital Space is the independent managed service provider for Timico. Timico was founded in 2004 and has been one of Europe’s fastest-growing privately owned companies (Sunday Times/Microsoft Tech 100 2007, 2009, 2010, Deloittes European 500, 2009, 2010). offers a wide range of managed internet services including colocation hosting and VoIP solutions.

Architecture of facilities

EDH tier 4 game

In December 2011, it received Tier 4 certification. EDH data centre is one of just a few in Europe to have earned the highest level of accreditation. The subterranean data centre was built in a redundant way, adhering to the Uptime Institute’s toughest technical criteria. may obtain granularity and scalability at any point in the lifespan of its data centre thanks to EDH’s design. In fact, each room has its own set of valves that provide extra water-cooling channels.

The facility flooring must have a load capacity of 2,000kg per square meter. Here, the elevated floor must be at least 80 cm high. The elevated floor and ceiling should be at least 4 meters high. gets access to a store room as well as an area to unpack equipment. Our garbage can also be recycled using a selective sorting technique in compliance with ISO standards (IS014001 Environmental Controls) and the Superdreckskescht [Luxembourg Government Waste-Management] requirements.

Our Newark Data Centre is under Timico Limited in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Electrical infrastructure 

The data centre’s electronic systems are all redundant. In reality, they run in active-active mode in simultaneously. No feed must run more than 45 percent of the time to be able to take up the load of the second feed at any one moment.

  • Under full load, 50.000 litres of gasoline every feed ensures 5 days of autonomy. 
  • Location capable of handling 1500 to 2000 watts per sq meter.  
  • EDH provides for larger power densities in specific locations, whether in air-cooled or high-density, water-cooled cubes. 

Cooling & Ventilation

Data centres can maximise their performance by utilising NH3 machines that have high efficiencies at full loads and magnetic-bearing machines that have high efficiency across a broad range of loads.

cooling design 3d

Timico – Digital Space

Private Cloud solutions are an important aspect of many organisations’ networks, especially in multi-cloud scenarios. uses a colocation model on Digital Space hardware via a hosted infrastructure approach. benefits from a private network that connects Timico data centres to our locations, thanks to our own private IP core network.

This allows us to scale and create strategic solutions for end-users who benefit from our colocation and hosted private cloud services.

A trained and experienced crew is required to monitor and manage cloud services around the clock. Even though our staff possesses these abilities, we also benefit from the expertise of the Timico – Digital Space team.

Data Centre Security 

The data centre’s security is an integral part of cloud and colocation services. This certifies that all procedures meet the highest standards. It is also regularly inspected during renewal or maintenance exercises. Here’s a closer look at key security features on both our UK and Eu facilities.

Timico – Digital Space UK facility

The Timico – Digital Spaces facility is equally suited as a key player in hosted computing environment for individuals and organisations of all sizes. Plus, in addition to our expertise, Timico’s team provides 24/7/365 managed monitoring service to eliminate the burden and danger of downtime. We maintain your infrastructure predictable, safe, and optimised at all times so that our end-users and customers get the most out of it.

  • East Midlands location is safe and affordable. 
  • A large and powerful network 
  • On-site technical assistance 
  • UPS and dual diesel generators maintains the greatest levels of security to keep your information safe and secure at the Timico facility.

  • Access by key card and biometric finger print 
  • 24-hour security 
  • CCTV surveillance system 
  • Access-controlled gate and security fence 
  • Dedicated billing and admin support when needed 
  • On-site engineer assistance 24/7/365 secure customer service 
  • Network monitoring at its best 
  • Remote-assistance facility 

EDH Facility Security

From a security standpoint, our excellent location in a flourishing commercial hub necessitates that we maintain an extraordinarily high level of protection in terms of data security and privacy. To satisfy the demands of our market, it is our mission to maintain the greatest level of security on our systems and in our data centres. This is why we’ve invested in cutting-edge website security and monitoring technologies.

In addition, our EDH data centres in Luxembourg received a prestigious ISO 27001 certification.

DELL PowerEdge manufactures all of our servers, which include high-performance firewalls, Xeon CPUs, and HP switches.

Water and fire detection

Water detection systems are used in all technical rooms, IT white room and technical corridors. The firebreaks are regularly tested in accordance to current regulations. 

Fire extinguishing device 

Each room has around 100 Aragonite Cylinders at 300 bars, which can extinguish any fires that might occur at the data centre. Each bottle is checked for leakage and is replaced as part of predictive maintenance. 

Intrusion detection 

There are several cameras installed in the corridors of the data centre. The cameras provide security personnel with an ongoing surveillance system that can be used to monitor the building from all angles. It also features motion detection and digital codes. This makes it easy to integrate biometric-technology systems or customer security systems into existing security infrastructure. 

Real time monitoring 

real time monitoring image
Source: EDH – EDH internal monitoring

EDH offers a new set of monitoring tools that allow us to see our space in real time and in 3D, as well as a variety of live KPIs. EDH has created a number of tools and technologies to give end clients like with a clear and accurate picture of their data centre.

At Timico, access control is available at all locations and there are 247 CCTV cameras monitoring. Customers, suppliers, employees can access all locations to perform work on their equipment. Access to data centre locations may require the assistance of an authorised Timico employee.

Cloud Security & Data Centre Certifications

The data centres of are designed to be secure. We help you achieve digital transformation by providing cloud security solutions that keep your critical processes, data, and information secure and compliant around the clock.

Timico is now one of the top-rated organisations in the world to have achieved the ISO 27017 Cloud Security certification through Alcumus ISOQAR. This certification extends our existing ISO certifications.

ISO 27017 security standard was created by our team and Teamwork IMS. This standard is for cloud service providers as well as users and it reduces security issues.

EDH certifications

Like Timico, EDH also has its share of renowned certifications. EDH is Europe’s only data centre to achieve Uptime Institute’s exceptional dual accreditation. It also has Tier 3+ certification for site design, as well as the M&O certification from the Uptime Institute.

Over time, EDH Data Centre has also earned the following certifications:

data center certifications
  • IS09001: Quality Assurance 
  • Environmental Controls (IS014001) 
  • Security Controls (ISO27001) 
  • Energy Management (ISO50001) 
  • Member of the European Union’s Code of Conduct 
  • The world’s first accredited data centre EN 50600  
  • M&O: Uptime Institute Maintenance and Operations – Single Site in Luxembourg 

Carbon Neutral Hosting

If you want to provide a completely working 24/7/365 online service, you’ll need a lot of energy. Unfortunately, the environment pays a high price for such large amounts of power and the cooling systems necessary to keep server temperatures under control in the average Data Centres. aims to change this by using Green hosting certified data centre facilities like Timico and EDH. We aim to be the change that create a pedestal shift in the way we use carbon energy. This way, we can all play a part to eliminate any harmful impacts on the environment by utilising renewable energy whenever possible.

  • The EDH site’s entire energy needs are entirely renewable. Electricity is supplied exclusively by hydraulic or wind energy on the grid. 
  • EDH employs operational approaches that demonstrate its readiness to engage in worldwide CO2 reduction projects. 
  • EDH is adherent to the EU Code of Conduct. EDH represents this European organisation that develops and enforces environmentally friendly standards and practises. 
  • Timico, which has been working in the sector for decades, has had a significant effect on ASHRAE’s work on the EU Code of Conduct. 
  • At we try to include as many energy-saving methods as we can. We take measures to raise awareness about green hosting, from the servers we use, which consume less than 27% of the most popular servers, to deploying Energy Star-approved air conditioning systems. 
  • Our green hosting practises extend beyond our services. We are really proud to support the International Tree Foundation. The ITF is a non-profit organisation that focuses on tree-planting projects in poor countries. The ITF not only helps with long-term employment, but it also helps with carbon reduction. The ITF may continue to expand the number of trees planted as a result of our contributions, lowering carbon emissions even further. 

Why Host with us?

We realise how difficult it may be to choose the proper web host.

We realise that you require a mix of fast servers, a dependable network, excellent customer service, and all of this at a reasonable cost. That’s precisely what provides.

Our datacentre and servers are located in the United Kingdom. Many rivals provide hosting services from France, the Netherlands, or even further away!

Our Tier 3+ datacentre in the Midlands provides visitors from all around the world with lightning-fast service.

Our connection to EDH is instrumental in growing’s business in Europe. So far both EDH and has attracted some of the world’s most powerful players in their respective fields to secure Luxembourg web servers. We can only reveal a few public names since we have a rigorous confidentiality agreement with all of our end clients.

Countless big worldwide organisations have opted to establish their European footprint in our facilities thanks to EDH and our unique business approach.

EDH facility has a unique mix of clients like:

  • Major multinational eBusiness players,  
  • Major multinational gaming companies, 
  • International financial institutions, 
  • European financial institutions, 
  • Top players in the industrial sector, 
  • Telecommunications companies, 
  • Leaders in the health-care industry, 
  • Leading participants in the fund sector, 
  • Management and outsourcing services 
  • Air Carrier