5 Benefits of Using Kingston SSD Powered Servers for Your Website

With Kingston SSDs (Solid State Drives), you won’t need a hard drive again. SSDs employ flash memory to provide superior performance and longevity. Solid State Drive technology is designed to gradually replace the old-fashioned, legacy hard drives and offers many benefits that far outweigh the cost. 

Hard drives have many tiny, moving components – spindles, magnetic heads, spinning platters, etc. – so it’s very easy for things to go wrong, resulting in the loss of essential data. On the other hand, upgrading to an SSD can enhance your system’s performance and protect your valuable data. Users can also increase the number of NAND chips in SSDs to enhance the storage capacity. 

This blog will discuss what SSDs and the benefits of using an SSD powered server for your website. We’ll also shed light on the evolution of storage technology in the last decade. Read on to find out more.

What are SSDs?

SSD is a type of storage drive with no moving parts – instead, it uses flash memory to record data to the drive. For this reason, the drive can read and write data faster without heating up and consuming less power than hard disk drives. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the loud whirring noises with SSDs.

5 Benefits of Using an SSD powered Server on Web Hosting

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Solid-state drives have been gaining tremendous popularity because they can improve the performance of an old PC or laptop by upgrading to an SSD from an HDD. Kingston SSDs are also an excellent option for new PC designs and system and server builders. Here are five advantages of upgrading your PC or laptop to Kingston SSDs: 

1. Reliability and durability

Heat is often the leading cause of system failures in hard drives, and the continuous motion of the moving parts generates sufficient heat, which eventually causes it to break down. Since SSDs have no moving parts, it sustains low temperatures with enhanced performance. 

SSDs are also designed to withstand handle drops, shocks, shakes, and routine wear and tear. These aspects make SSDs less susceptible to data loss. Furthermore, hard disks are usually dependable for around three to five years, while solid-state drives operate almost four times longer.

2. Improved speed

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Solid-state drives are more than 100 times faster than hard drives. SSDs provide shorter boot times, higher bandwidths, and instant data transfer. Quicker speeds mean SSDs can transfer data at ultra-high speeds – this is vital for the present world when managing programs that access massive quantities of data, like an operating system. In addition, SSDs are pretty stable, meaning your stored data will be safeguarded. 

  • SATA SSD. Hard drives only reach around 50 to 120mb/s during write performance. On the other hand, solid-state drives saturate the SATA bus reaching 550mb/s. Regardless of the bus limitation, users often realize a general system performance improvement of 10 to 15 times when using SATA-oriented SSDs instead of HD technology. 
  • NVMe SSD. Instead of the SATA bus, NVMe technology employs the PCIe bus, which unlocks the massive bandwidth potential for storage systems. The most recent model – PCIe 4.0 – provides around 32 lanes and can transfer around 64,000mb/s compared to SATA III’s 600mb/s specification limit. 

3. Energy efficiency

Since SSDs have no moving components, they require less energy to operate than hard drives with magnetic spinning disks. Energy efficiency is a considerable advantage when using SSDs in smartphones and laptops, where battery longevity is a highly requested and marketed feature. 

SSDs are more energy-efficient, allowing web hosting companies to reduce overhead costs. HDDs consume more power, whether working or idle. It requires seven times more power output when carrying out tasks than an SSD and 15 times greater during inactivity. 

By migrating to SSDs, web-hosting companies can significantly reduce their costs and provide their customers with better value for money.

4. Minimal noise and less weight

SSDs have a small size that weighs lighter than larger hard drives with metallic disks and magnetic heads. Their compact design makes them ideal for tablets, laptops, and small electronic gadgets. 

Since SSDs have no moving parts, it’s relatively quieter compared to hard drives, whose vibrations and noise can be pretty distracting. 

5. Highly practical and eco-friendly

Since the introduction of hard drives, they have always been limited by their large sizes. SSDs, on the other hand, come in various practical sizes – the smallest size is that of a gum stick (about 2.5″ form factor). 

The decreased power consumption provides SSDs with an extra edge over HDDs regarding eco-friendliness. Web hosting companies must assess their environmental impact. A business’ customers will always appreciate a brand’s effort to protect the world’s resources. By migrating to SSDs, website hosting companies can reduce their carbon footprint and champion more environmentally viable practices.

Developments of SSDs Data Storage at Data Centres

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Currently, IT leaders are experiencing challenges related to data storage. These challenges include optimizing data value and developing and incorporating data storage solutions that meet their customer needs. 

Here is an eBook that explains the gradual development of data storage technology and how market and global drivers have reshaped the storage industry. Click here to download this eBook. 

Where Our Servers are Located and Reasons to Purchase SSDs from Us

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Increasing the memory capacity and upgrading to solid-state drives are two convenient ways to enhance your site’s performance. 2. Is Kingston a Good SSD? Kingston SSDs are more than ten times quicker than hard drives, offering faster access to files and programs. With these SSDs, users can expand their storage capacities to multiple terabytes. To learn more visit our blog or ask for a free consultation with our experts here.