Digital Transformation, Why Fast SSD´s are Very Important

Digital transformation is on the spur as organisations seek to enhance their digital channels, and data storage is fundamental in this process. The Covid pandemic has enhanced the need for digital channels for stakeholders. Digital transformation entails multiple components that employ the use of new methods of delivery and emerging technologies to achieve more responsive and agile operations within organisations. The appropriate solid-state drive can enhance operations and sustain significant innovations. In this article we’ll look at the digital transformation brought on by SSDS and why they’re so fast.

What are SSDs, impact, and importance?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a sort of storage technology used on servers and in computers to retain perpetual data on solid-state flash memory.

Solid-state drives replace the hard disk drives conventionally used for storage in computers..

They are relatively faster than hard disks by supporting speedy boot-up of operating systems, and rapid file saving among other operations. 

The primary difference between hard disks and solid-state drives is the mechanical elements. Hard drives are made up of a spinning disk with an actuator that magnetically reads and writes information, whereas solid-state drives contain the flash controller and NAND flash memory chips that read data directly. The magnetic properties of hard disks are prone to mechanical breakdowns, making them a less effective option compared to solid-state drives.

Some advantages solid-state drives offer include:


The primary cause of hard drive malfunction is heat generated from frequent spinning. SSDs do not have any moving parts and hence can maintain low temperatures, it is also adapted to deal with drops, shake, and shocks giving them high durability and reliability.


Solid-state drives support speedier data transfer, shorter boot times for computers, and have high bandwidth. This makes them capable of handling data at the high speeds required in contemporary business processes. Their high stability also ensures that the data contained in them remains protected. 

Power efficient

The lack of moving parts in solid-state drives means that they require less power to work. This makes them well suited for mobile devices where battery life is an essential feature. The absence of moving parts also makes them noiseless and less distracting.

Practical size and weight

Solid-state drives are available in an assortment of sizes and forms. Their reduced sizes permit them to weigh relatively lesser than HDDs. Their dense design makes them ideal for small electronic devices such as laptops and tablets.

How SSDs prepare us for the adoption of new technologies

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Digital Transformation, Why Fast SSD´s are Very Important 4

Digital transformation is propelling communication and collaboration among organisations across multiple sectors including financial services, accounting, cybersecurity, and digital health. Furthermore, digital transformation is playing a primary role in the adoption of emerging technologies like Automation and Artificial Intelligence.  

These new technologies facilitate smooth business operations, granting enhanced productivity and efficiency, which have a widespread impact throughout the enterprise. Operations that require high input and output are embracing the adoption of solid-state drive technology because of their lower latency. Solid-state drives are instrumental in high-performance servers and computer devices and applications that are obliged to deliver data instantaneously. 

A long-term digital transformation strategy can enhance an organisation’s operational continuity in several ways. A well-defined digital strategy helps an organisation save the time and resources spent on mundane business operations and invest in more important undertakings. While digital transformation paves the way for new technologies, powerful computing is essential for the conversion of data to insights in data-intensive operations such as AI.  

Ample datasets and instant access to new information are necessary for processes, which can traverse numerous petabytes. To handle and immediately access bulk volumes of data, the appropriate storage is essential, hence the need for solid-state drives. 

Kingston Transformation in action

The conceivable impact of digital transformation is evident across multiple sectors, especially the already-digitised areas including food and beverages and e-commerce. This transformation is also visible among highly industrial spheres, financial services, as well as the private sector in the automation of smart homes. 

Organisations are employing digital transformation to help them respond with more agility and flexibility, and also help them sustain the ever-changing customer needs. With the pay-per-part model, for instance, businesses are setting up production patterns personalised to consumer needs. Automated production machinery, storage, production expertise, and the required service parts all make up the performance guarantee.  

The pay-per-part model also offers organisations manufacturing capacity exclusive of the bulk investments in advance. In this manner, production is made more adaptable and receptive to changes in the market dynamics. 

Where are our servers? Why buy from us?

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Choosing a suitable web host is imperative in ensuring your website’s data is safe and secure. Servers and data centres are indispensable in digital transformation, they provide storage for everything taking place on the internet. has equipped its servers with the prestigious Kingston SSDs for optimal performance and speed. Our data centres handle multiple operations including the storage of various files and videos, running of different software, and transmission of data between several networks.

Location of our servers servers and data centres are located in Luxembourg and Newark in the UK. The European Data Hub in Luxembourg poses an exceptional business plan and is operated in accordance with the existing standards and certifications. The data centre in Timico is managed by an independent service provider known as Digital Space. It is a well-equipped facility that provides a perfect environment for hosting apps, servers, and data.

Why host with us

Apart from a combination of steadfast servers at an inexpensive cost, offers clients a trustworthy network and exceptional customer service. Our servers and data centres boast excellent architectural infrastructure, including redundant electronic systems and efficient cooling and ventilation systems.  

Water and fire detection systems, fire extinguishing devices and intrusion detection technology help ensure safety at the data centres. The security in data centres is subject to habitual inspection and maintenance to ensure the systems meet the highest standards. Some security features in our facilities include 24-hour CCTV surveillance, access-controlled gate, remote assistance, and admin support.


Digital transformation has prompted industries to adopt arrangements that promote innovation and rapid development, and storage technology plays an important role in this transformation. Organisations must encourage the use of resources with agility and efficiency to boost productivity and cut down costs to be able to compete effectively in the contemporary business environment. Solid-state drives are efficient, secure, robust, and high performing to support agility and provide the flexibility required for large data sets. 

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