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how databases work

How do our Databases Work?

Running a self-hosted website can be tough when you’re not exactly technically savvy or hip to hosting jargon. But, it’s imperative as a serious business owner to know a little bit about the technology you’re running your branded website on. So, you’ve come to the right place. Our web hosting products are user friendly and […]

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fast ecommerce website

How to Maintain a Fast Ecommerce Website

If you sell products and/or services, you definitely need to have a strong online presence. However, be prepared as the ecommerce space is quite competitive. Not only is there competition with local and regional brands, but you also face off with international giants such as Amazon. This exactly why you must focus on every single detail […]

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tips to maximise sales

Website Design Tips to Maximise Sales This shopping Season

From New Year’s celebration and Valentine’s Day to Cyber Monday’s and Christmas Day, it is almost like everyday we start a new shopping season.  But, what if you aren’t on the buying end? What if you are a seller of products or services, how do you maximise sales this and every shopping season? If you […]

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wordpress plugins for security

10 WordPress Plugins to Block out Cyber Criminals

Few things are as terrifying as getting hacked. After all the time and money you’ve invested in your WordPress website, the thought of some mischief maker deleting your data is enough to break you out in a cold sweat. And that’s not even the worst that could happen. Some hackers are after more than a […]

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How to edit wordpress code

A Guide to Editing WordPress Code

Although WordPress and WordPress Hosting platforms makes it simple for non-coders to build, publish and manage a website, there will perhaps come a time when you want to edit code in WordPress to have control over the aesthetic quality and functionality of your site. This guide will illustrate how to safely edit code in the […]

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9 ways to monetise digital content

9 Ways to Monetise Digital Content

It’s every creator’s nightmare: You spend hours creating digital content you really believe in, all while imagining the hordes of people who would love your creation. But when you finally launch your product…crickets. Nobody buys it. You give it a few days, trying not to think about it, but you can’t help it. You keep […]

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cpanel email setup

How To Configure cPanel Email Accounts For Mozilla Thunderbird!

Web hosting account owners with active web hosting plans with cPanel can configure cPanel email accounts for Mozilla Thunderbird. cPanel (Control Panel) offer users an email client called Webmail. However many cPanel email account owners prefer to use an alternative email client that they are already accustomed to using.. In fact, using a custom email […]

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double mega-cloud-storage

Free Double Mega Storage!

We’ve doubled the storage for all our Mega Cloud Pro plans. Now all Mega Pro users get double the storage to spread their ideas and collaborate in teams – without paying more! Not using Mega Cloud Storage? Don’t miss out on this great deal!  Check it out! We’ve doubled up our Mega Pro Plans: PRO […]

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affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies that Work

As a marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur utilising affiliate marketing is virtually risk-free while the rewards are exponential. Affiliates are only paid when a customer converts once they’ve been driven to a website and therefore the margin for potential earnings exceed the risk of potential losses. So, whether you are a blogger, or digital marketer hoping […]

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