Buy Domain

How to Buy a Domain Name?

To buy domain names, you need to understand who your audience is and what kind of names they’ll be attracted to. You also need to understand how to choose, buy, and register your domain name. Read more

Brute Force

What is a Brute Force Attack & How to Prevent It?

If you own a website, a brute force attack is the stuff of nightmares. Even the name sounds terrifying. To make matters worse, misinformation can make attacks seem almost inevitable. You might start to feel like once a hacker has you in his sights, you may as well blow up your website yourself to save … Read more

Server Uptime

Tips to Monitor Your WordPress Hosting Server Uptime

There’s no bigger turn off to customers visiting your website than the message stating: “This site is currently unavailable.” This often results in the loss of customers and revenue, especially if it’s a lengthy downtime. The only persons who benefit when your website goes offline are your competitors. We can’t have that!That’s why today we’ll be … Read more