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Professional Blog Part 1

A Comprehensive Professional Blog Guide: Part 1

Blogging has drastically changed in the last few years and has emerged as the main driving force behind Content Marketing. If you’ve just started your website and have gone through the beginning steps to picking out the domain, choosing a scalable web hosting solution and finally launched —it is now time to focus on building […]

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Website content Strategy

Yeah Sure, You’ve Built a Website. What next?

Congratulations! You’ve just built your brand spanking new website from the ground up. You chose a ‘brandable’ and catchy domain name, a mobile-friendly theme design, and you’ve placed the necessary information on your site about your company. You’re About page tells the story of your business and brand, your Contact Form is ready, Product pages […]

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Diagnose Website

9 Ways to Diagnose a Website That’s Not Working

  When it comes to building an online business, it is essential to have a fully working site or else it will miss out on potential customers, which may result in loss of revenue. This means that online marketers should always make sure their site is up and functioning properly as different issues can affect […]

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Write better copy to convert customers

Compelling Copy: How to Convert More Users

Why does a website selling the same product or service attract more followers and generate more business than another? Simple, with compelling copy of course! Nearly all good, persuasive content contains these 10 basic elements and if you get these right, you are onto being a winner. You do not necessarily have to implement them […]

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Create Great Visual Content

Great Visual Content: Here’s What You Need

Online businesses, blogs and e-commerce sites all have one thing in common; they need to have a constant stimulation of online growth and engagement with their customers. How is this done? By coupling great text-based copy and stunning visuals you can catapult your content marketing or email marketing campaign. There are a few ways you […]

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