Website Construction with BaseKit
(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

BaseKit is one of the most effective site building platforms  developed in the UK by BaseKit Platform Ltd. It enables small and medium businesses in developing websites for web browsers, tablets and phones.

BaseKit enables you to establish a responsive website that can be easily accessed on tablets, phones and browsers. The web design is created by the user according to his/her requirement. The user can add content from it’s toolbox. The sitebuilder empowers the user to create an attractive and user friendly website, that looks good on all screens, big or small. It is quick, easy and requires no technical skills, such as coding.

How to Build a BaseKit Website?

BaseKit has a large number of professionally themed templates that you can choose from. Each template has its specific features, unique layouts and color themes. You can choose the template that is in accordance with the scope of their website (it can be for personal, business or commercial use). The first step in developing a website is to choose a template, followed by filling the template with your content. BaseKit supports all types of content, such as videos, images and text boxes. The last and most important step is to publish your finalized site and make it live. You can make endless changes once the website goes live. It is as simple as a CMS like WordPress.

BaseKit Sitebuilder makes it as easy as possible!

BaseKit Sitebuilder makes it as easy as possible!

Easy Updates and New Mode for Modern Business:

The latest version of BaseKit, BaseKit 8 makes updating your website a piece of cake. Being a user, you can be notified of site updates via tablets and mobile phones.

BaseKit has made the whole process of adding new content and publishing unique content much easier than other sitebuilders. This is the chief reason why this websites are all over the Internet and best rated.

Plans Offered

BaseKit offers four categories of plans for different kinds of users.

Free BaseKit

This plan is mostly used by people for trial purpose. Like other plans, it also has unlimited bandwidth, however, there is a limitation of utilizing only one page for web creation. Google search engine is optimized like other plans. Moreover, 500MB disk space is offered for free BaseKit.

BaseKit Basic

Most popular among small businessmen, BaseKit Basic has unlimited bandwidth with full Google optimization. The amount charged per month for building and maintaining a website built on the Basic is around 4 pounds per month. It gives you the option to utilize five pages along with three photo stock images and one e-commerce item.

BaseKit Business

Best valued in terms of money, this package is widely used by professional businessmen and website makers. This package provides a disk space of 5 GB with ten pages, three e-commerce items and five photo stock images. It has in-built features like Google theme customization and Google Analytics. The per month charged amount is around 10,95 pounds.

BK Review: Website Builders Review

BK Review: Website Builders Review

BaseKit Enterprise

It is the most expensive of all BaseKit packages and is suitable for a fast growing business. Coming with an unlimited disk space option, one can create unlimited pages along with unlimited e-commerce items using BaseKit enterprise. It also has features like theme customization and Google Analytics for a monthly cost of 14.95 pounds per month.



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