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About Page to highlight your eCommerce Store

How to Use your About Page to highlight your eCommerce Store

Being a trusted brand leader in the eCommerce game goes beyond having a great website, responsive design, excellent branding, and stunning products to keep a constant flow of repeat visitors that convert to sales. With same-day and two-day delivery speeds, instant gratification has made staying at the forefront of your customer’s mind over your best […]

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Frequent Asked Questions about Dedicated Servers

7 Most Asked Questions about Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are the most powerful hosting solution on the market. It is the most sought after hosting environment in the industry for large internet companies due to the specifications of its features. But, for those that are not technically inclined you may find yourself with more questions than answers about the robust power of […]

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6 Best Reasons to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

6 Best Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server

Your business is expanding at a rapid pace and you want to remain competitive and five steps ahead of your greatest competition. What’s the solution? This requires a brand-focus online presence that packs a punch and a website that is able to cater and meet customers’ needs. Doing this successfully requires switching your web hosting […]

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Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg Block Editor Shaping the Web

Gutenberg is the new block WordPress editor that is shaping the world of Web design. If you have decided to use WordPress for your blog or website then you will have noticed the this new plugin already. Now that the plug-in has been on the table for a few months, we can give a righteous […]

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FTP Importance

What is FTP and Why is it Important

Chances are you’ve downloaded files from the internet—music, books, TV shows, movies, games and any other file type. You’ve probably even used cloud-based services to share files with others. Without even knowing it, you’ve been using FTP this entire time. But what exactly is FTP and why is it so important? What the FTP? FTP […]

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Tips to optimise dedicated server

6 ways to Optimise your Dedicated Server

  A dedicated server is exactly what you think, a server which is rented or purchased for use by one client/organisation. There are many reasons why companies upgrade to dedicated servers, the majority of which tend to revolve around increased online traffic and sales. There are ways and means of enhancing performance and optimising your […]

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Firewall Trends

Firewall Trends in 2020 and Why your Business Needs One

Operating a business online requires a certain level of security to ensure that your website is protected against hackers and cybercriminals. Regardless of the size of your business online, any website left unprotected is susceptible to cyber threats and a vulnerable to a full-scale cyber-attack. Cleaning up the mess and getting your site back up […]

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Reverse Domain Hijacking

How to handle Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

 Choosing a domain name is one of the most important things you will do as a business owner. Your domain name is your brand’s identity on the internet and usually encompasses all that your brand represents. Sometimes great minds think alike and unintentionally register a domain name partly trademarked by another company. This is […]

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Copyright infringement

How to Avoid Copyright Violations on your Website

  If you’re looking to establish a presence on the internet, start a business, blog, or website in hopes to turn a sizeable profit and build a reliable brand then you know that ‘content is king’. As cliché as it sounds, but, content drives the internet. The digital age is all about content. To be […]

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How to Safeguard Online Shopping Transactions

Tips to Secure Your Online Shopping Transactions

When considering entering the e-commerce sphere one of the single most important things to consider is internet security. Have the best in security measures ensures that your clients can trust that their financial details, credit card and other sensitive information remains confidential and is transferred via secure channels across the internet. Your clients want to […]

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