custom permalinks in wordpress

How to Create Custom Permalinks in WordPress

Internet trends continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In order to stay competitive online you have to, not only keep up with your competitors but to ensure your self-hosted WordPress website reflects your brand’s focus and visibility. One way to increase your visibility online is to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo … Read more

clear dns cache

How to Clear your DNS Cache on Mac OS, Windows and Chrome

Technology keeps evolving and as soon as you learn or master one thing, there’s always something else waiting to take its place. You’ve just created a beautiful website using an awesome site builder from a high-performing webhosting company. You’ve also learned of the best webhosting plans to improve your website’s speed. All is well with the … Read more

how databases work

How do our Databases Work?

Running a self-hosted website can be tough when you’re not exactly technically savvy or hip to hosting jargon. But, it’s imperative as a serious business owner to know a little bit about the technology you’re running your branded website on. So, you’ve come to the right place. Our web hosting products are user friendly and … Read more

web hosting service, secured website

Eight qualities of well secured websites

Here are 8 qualities that secured websites share – and what you should add to your website security plan.
1. They choose a secured web host
2. Incorporate website security software
3. Use a firewall
4. Install SSL certificate
5. Use two-step authentication 
6. Use website monitoring software
7. Has secure website backup
8. Has DDoS protection in place
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9 Advantages To Using A Website Builder.

As customers take to the internet to purchase products and hire services a website becomes essential for small business owners. E-commerce is the practise of buying and selling products or services online. A website is vital to tap into this market. According to Public Data, Internet sales as a Percentage Of Total Retail Sales: In … Read more

what is hosted exchange

What is Hosted Email, and Why Do you Need It?

Hosted email service is a great way to securely host emails. Learn why you need hosted email now. Take your emails to the next level with a professional platform made for hosting emails.
Emails are the first point of contact for business.
Crete custom email with hosted exchange
Manage as many mailboxes as you like.
Hosted emails are stored separately from website server.
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fast ecommerce website

How to Maintain a Fast Ecommerce Website

If you sell products and/or services, you definitely need to have a strong online presence. However, be prepared as the ecommerce space is quite competitive. Not only is there competition with local and regional brands, but you also face off with international giants such as Amazon. This exactly why you must focus on every single detail … Read more